Client Reviews

"I can safely say that the other dog trainers I've met pale in comparison to Karin. Karin shows so much love for the dogs she trains, and I truly appreciate her help with training on specific issues."

"Karin is a great person! She really knows her stuff, is very confident and you could tell she has a genuine love for dogs."

"Your personality was so conducive to our learning. Your knowledge and level of education were very evident and valuable. Thank you so much, Karin! "

"Your handouts are VERY thorough and helpful, thank you! I think you are a fantastic teacher and trainer. Thanks again! "

"The atmosphere was one of ease & understanding for the level of learning we were all at, in my opinion."

"Karin did a good job with using examples to prove a point and to explain training methods. She took the time to answer everyone's questions. "

"Karin did a great job of teaching the class; she has a very positive attitude, that's a good thing! "

"I have learned patience and consistency. Instilling obedience is another function you taught me. Most importantly for me was how you handled the dogs. I call this being focused or centered. This taught me to wait for the behaviour rather than to force it, which I seem to do a bit too much. As simply as I can put this, thank you. I do think very positively about the experience. As my mother used to say, nothing worthwhile is easy to do and training has been a challenge, definitely made easy and understandable by your instruction."

"You are amazing! Thank you!"