What methods will you use to train my dog?
Karin uses the principles of operant conditioning, particularly positive reinforcement. This means that she focuses on teaching your dog by rewarding appropriate behavior, instead of constantly correcting your dog for mistakes. Lures paired with primary reinforcement and praise are used during the acquisition phase of learning and the lure is quickly phased out as the dog understands the desired behavior; thereafter, obedience is rewarded with primary reinforcement, praise and life rewards, as well as the occasional food "bonus".

To simply the answer further, only positive training methods are uses; no force, pain or fear-based methods. Whether or not to use treats in training is at the discretion of the owner.

What is the difference between a private lesson and a behavior consultation?
Private lessons are intended to enhance overall obedience skills or to address specific manner issues such as polite leash walking, jumping up, and counter-surfing. Behavior consultations are designed to address behavior problems such as aggression, fearfulness, anxiety, resource guarding, or interactions with other pets.

If your dog is experiencing behavior problems, we are here to help. During your initial call, Karin will assess the situation, discuss options, and develop an appropriate training plan. Behavior consultations are 2 hours in length and include a behavior assessment, training homework and follow up.

Do you offer clicker training?
Our training is based on marker training, of which clicker training is a type of. Our method utilizes the verbal marker (“yes!”) instead of a clicker, but owners who are familiar with clicker training are welcome to continue to use a clicker. Karin will explain her rationale for using a verbal marker as opposed to a clicker during training.