Training Services

Whether you have a puppy or an adult dog, training is the best way to solve problems and build a good relationship between you and your dog. Our goal is to help you have the dog you always wanted. Training is fun for you and your dog; it strengthens the bond, and improves your dog's behavior. All dogs and owners have different needs and goals. Therefore a training program will be tailored to these needs in order to achieve the goal of a well-trained dog that fits in your family.


In house consultation with owners and their pet(s) in the privacy of their own home, to analyze undesirable behaviors, their cause, and how to correct. All sessions include a behavior assessment, detailed discussion of behavior issue(s) as well as owners actions and reactions to the behaviors, recommended solutions, training techniques, tips and advice on how to modify those behaviors, along with demonstrations and handouts. In addition owners learn training and communication basics, training techniques, tips and advice on how to modify daily routines to enhance obedience, communication and relationship, which will improve their dog's behavior and manners.

Common behavior issues: biting, destructive chewing, digging, escaping, excessive barking, growling, mouthing/nipping, pulling on leash, reactivity on leash, resource guarding, separation anxiety and stealing.

The Initial Consultation is 2 hours in duration (for one dog) at the owners home. Follow up sessions are 1 hour each.


Individual training session with you and your dog in the privacy of your home, ideally with all members of your family. Sessions include an overview of training techniques, demonstrations and handouts.

Common training includes: basic commands, household manners - calm greetings, daily routines (doorways, feeding), signaling to go outside, correcting jumping, loose leash walking, and reliable recall.

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We keep our classes small so that we can cover the required material during each class and assist every participant. Aggressive and extremely fearful dogs attend their own special classes.

Our training methods are based on motivation, praise and correction, focusing on communication and understanding. Dog owners are taught how to communicate with their dog without using bribes, force or fear-based methods; and how to utilize effective praise and correction techniques without using pain-compliance. Techniques taught make the dog owner the dog trainer.

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